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Edward Jones Investments
Maple Shade, NJ 08052 Phone: 856-802-9446 Website:

Investment Brokerage

“Live your rock-solid values even when no one is watching,” Mike Bollinger said. “Be genuine and work towards earning someone’s trust.”

That is one of the things he has learned in his 27 years in the financial service sector.

Bollinger, now a financial advisor, has been with Edward Jones Investments going on 22 years.

“My first job out of college was as an infantry second lieutenant leading a platoon of men,” he said, noting he served in the army a bit over 20-years. “One of my hobbies while in the service was saving and investing and trying to teach my soldiers to do the same.”

Bollinger said, when it comes to finances, there is something for everyone.

He said he has established educational funding plans for 3 month-old babies and has attended two 100 birthday celebrations for his clients.

“They were not only celebrating life but that they still had money to give to their grandkids,” Bollinger said.

He said Edward Jones Investments has been in the Tall Oaks Corporate Center since the beginning of 1998.

Bollinger said he would “wholeheartedly” recommend Maple Shade to potential business owners.

“It’s a friendly town willing to give even outsiders a chance at success,” he said.

“Business owners form the heart of our entrepreneurial system,” Bollinger added. “They are genuine and usually put their heart and soul into their business and relationships.”

The South Dakota native served in MSBA leadership positions early in his career at Edward Jones and said the biggest challenge to the association is achieving “sustained growth that is meaningful.”

A graduate of West Point Military Academy, Bollinger has lived in Medford since 1993.

In his spare time he enjoys travel, reading, training for triathlons, and being with his family.

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Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Member Spotlight

Owner and creative director at Amped to Dance Dana Marie Randolph said the most important thing she’s learned when it comes to business is persistence.

“Never give up,” she said. “Even when enrollment is low and quotas are missed as long as I keep believing and working towards the vision everything will work out.

“I can’t give up because there is no plan B,” Randolph added. “I must continue to put everything I have in making the dream I have a reality.”

Amped to Dance opened in Maple Shade in July of this year.

“I’ve been professionally training in various styles of dance since the age four,” Randolph said. “After years of teaching at community centers in Philadelphia my passion for music, movement, and teaching collided together as the vision of helping people express themselves through dance came to life.”

So, what’s unique about her business?

“Amped to Dance is the dance studio where passion meets movement,” Randolph said. “We pride ourselves on fostering self-confidence and creativity through dance in each and every person we encounter.

“Amped to Dance is more than a business, even more than a dance school,” she added. “We are a place that encourages self-expression, healing, and love through creative arts.”

Randolph said she would recommend Maple Shade to someone looking to open a business here “because the town is very welcoming.” Also, she said It was a fairly simple process to get started.

She said it has been pleasant being a member of the Maple Shade Business Association.

“I am a member of MSBA because I’d like to learn and grow as a business owner in this town,” Randolph said. “I want to ensure the success of my business and what better way to be a part of a community of like-minded people.

“There are also so many qualities that I possess that may meet the needs of my fellow business owners,” she added.

Randolph grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Temple University with a BA in communications and Lincoln University with a MEd degree.

She said she and her family have lived in Maple Shade since May 2019.

In her spare time, Randolph enjoys spending quality, “silly” time with her family, exploring new restaurants, reading, and writing.

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