Maple Shade Pizza Fest 2023 FAQs:


Q: When and where will the pizza party be “dough-ing” down?
A: The pizza party will be “baking” place at the Alden Cafe on September 17th. Don’t miss the saucy fun!

Q: Can I purchase tickets beforehand to ensure I’m in pizza heaven?
A: You bet-cha, you absolutely can! Secure your spot now and avoid the “crust-tle” on the day of the event.

Q: Is there an entry fee to get a slice of the action?
A: Of course! But don’t worry, it’s a “crust”-worthy investment for the pizza paradise you’ll experience. Proceeds to benefit MSBA Charities which goes directly to MSHS Graduates.

Q: What time do I need to be there to grab a hot slice?
A: The pizza party starts at noon and keeps “baking” till 3PM! Be punctual to savor every cheesy moment.

Q: Will there be a variety of pizza vendors tossing pies?
A: Absolutely! You’ll be “dough-lighted” to find a plethora of pizza maestros showcasing their “pizzabilities.” Check out our vendor info HERE!

Q: Will there be parking available?
A: Parking in the immediate area of the Alden will be restricted but feel free to park along the RR tracks and take the short walk to the pizza arena.

Q: Can I bring my furry four-legged friend to this pizza extravaganza?
A: As much as we “knead” to see your adorable pets, this party is just for humans to devour delicious pizza creations.

Q: Can I sneak in my own snacks and drinks?
A: We appreciate your enthusiasm, but no. Trust us, you’ll find all the food you “knead” here and some cold sips being served by the Alden.

Q: Will there be activities for kids, or are they out of luck?
A: Kiddos are “pizza-riffically” welcome! We’ve got games and entertainment to keep them “cheesily” amused.

Q: Do I need to bring my own folding chairs or “pizza” seating provided?
A: Feel free to bring your own seating and 10×10 pop up canopies are welcome too. We do have some VIP picnic tables with umbrellas available to reserve for the event as well (first come first served).

Q: Any chance of live pizza-tossing performances or “pizza” music bands?
A: You got it! Witness awe-inspiring pizza-tossing acrobatics, and our “melody of mozzarella” will have you dancing.

Q: Can I pay for pizzas with my “dough” card?
A: Absolutely! “Crust” us; we’ll accept Venmo, “dough” and plastic payments.

Q: Rain or shine, will the pizza party go on?
A: We’re “dough-namic” and prepared for all weather. Rain or shine, we’ll be serving up hot slices with a smile!

Q: Where can I find the nearest “rest-pizza-room” facilities?
A: Don’t worry, the Alden has indoor restrooms.

Q: Will the venue be accessible for pizza lovers with special needs?
A: Absolutely! We’ve made sure our pizza paradise is “dough-nified” to accommodate everyone.

Q: Can I be part of the pizza party as a volunteer or pizza-tossing expert?
A: We’re always looking for passionate pizza enthusiasts! Let us know if you want to join the “pizza-rade” of volunteers – email

Q: Can I top it all off with some adult beverages at the fest?
A: Sure thing! The Alden has a full bar with ice cold beverages.  They’re also whipping up some “Scholar-sip” drink specials since this is a fundraising event to benefit MSBA Charities Scholarship fund.

Q: How can I stay updated about the pizza party and all things “pizza-rific”?
A: Follow us on social media & check back here for the latest “cheese gossip” and “crust-news” about the event!